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Lalibela – Bildung ermöglichen e.V (Lalibela – enable education) is a nonprofit association, whose objective is to give Ethiopian children from Lalibela and the surrounding area access to education.


In April 2014 a group of friends attended a German-Ethiopian wedding in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Most members of the group combined their visit with further trips exploring the country and all of them shared the experience that many children in Ethiopia lack even the simplest things in life. After meeting and talking with locals the idea to provide hands-on support for a number of these children was born and the Association was founded.


Despite Ethiopia’s double-digit increase in economic growth in the past decade and even though nearly 80 percent of Ethiopian children are enrolled in schools, there are still many children who do not have access to free education. Many are compelled to work or live as beggars in order to survive. They receive no social support, are forced to provide for themselves and have no opportunity for even basic education.


For these reasons Lalibela – enable education's objective is to give these children access to education and thereby open the chance for them to independently build and create their future.


In collaboration with a local network the Association supports those children from Lalibela and its rural surroundings whose living conditions prevent them from attending school. The Association currently supports 20 children between the ages of 6 and 16 years. Most of them are orphans or half-orphans, some of them live on the streets supporting themselves. Several children are HIV-positive, some have parents who are also HIV-positive or who have died from AIDS.


Through donations the Association finances the basic needs of these children, such as medical care, food, dwelling, hygiene products as well as the mandatory school uniform. Through this support these children are no longer forced to forage for themselves and – depending on their ages -  are able to attend kindergarten or school. Basic schooling builds the foundation for future qualifications. The donations enable these children to find a way out of poverty through their own efforts.


Approximately € 25 provide a child with food for one month. For everything else - medical care, dwelling, on site pedagogical-psychological support, hygiene products, school uniform, another € 25 or more are required per month. In total, at least € 50 are needed per child per month. Through donations of any amount you can directly help these children through the Association.


To make the support for these children possible, the Association is in direct and constant contact with a local network of individuals and institutions. Through their intimate contact to the children they are able to determine each child’s individual needs. This contact ensures a flexible handling of individual basic needs as well as guaranteeing regular school attendance. Our local contact is Ms. Lemlem Haile. She handles the coordination on site and is in direct contact with the children, their guardians and with institutions such as schools. These activities are carried out in close consultation with the Association and its members.


You would like to support the children and make a donation? This is possible here.

Any questions?

We are happy to hear from you through our contact form, or send an email to info(at)lalibela-bildung.org.

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